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Men's Line

A high quality of personal care range for men’s face and body. All products are formulated based on 100% natural grooming technologies. Their strong personality will wake-up all your hidden energy.

1.Mild sulfate free pure body wash with detoxifying activated charcoal and nourishing oils.

2.Mild sulfate free pure daily use shampoo with detoxifying activated charcoal and a natural conditioning system.

3.Protecting body lotion with skin protecting bioactive canola oil.

4.Calming and smoothing 5 in 1 deo anti-perspirant roll-on with activated charcoal, bioactive canola oil and ginger extract.

5.Comfort shave cream with detoxifying activated charcoal and aloe vera gel.

6.Anti-redness and cooling after shave balm with bioactive canola oil, ginger extract, and aloe vera.

7.Gentle exfoliating facial wash and scrub

8.Anti-ageing facial cream with bioactive oil, baobab leaf extract and 24H hydrating technologies.